Frequently Asked Questions

This service is for the over 65 plus in Ireland.

This is a completely FREE service.
All time is donated by volunteers.
All telephony and other software IT support is donated by our sponsors.


* Please note, this is not a premium number, but, if calling landlines not in your package, ordinary landline call charges from your operator will be included. Our lines are normal landlines that do not incur any any unusual rates. Most peoples mobile phone package includes calls to landlines, but please do check with your provider if you are unsure. Callers can also leave us a voicemail by pressing 1 immediately after the call has been answered, or alternatively press 2 to request a (free) callback.

  • You will NEVER be asked for any personal details such as access to hyour ban details, bank cards or payupal ID.
  • All calls are recorded and there is a randomised answering service.
  • We don't store names of callers and relate then to the recordings; these details may be on recording, but access is limited
  • We abide by GDPR and DP rules. Data is deleted on a 30 day elapsed time basis.
  • Our website, emails, Twitter and Facebook are viewed by a team, are constantly monitored and everything is logged.
  • If you do encounter a problem, you can make a complain via our contact page or email us here

Tablets, phones, PCs, software, other hardware and facilities such as printers, digital cameras, Alexa, Google Assistan, smart heating devices, smart door bells and home security systems, any other smart gadgets, routers, WIFI issues; generally all the usual tech gadgets you'd find in a household.

Software issues, such as logging into accounts, configuring video calls, accessing and installing apps and social media ccounts; all kind of software that keeps you in touch with your loved ones.